A music project by the vocalist Marie Séférian

Marie Séférian Quartett

The quartet mainly plays compositions by the singer. Here, Marie Séférian alternates between French lyrics and freely improvised syllables. Their music tells stories about little girls in big castles, grandfather's wisdom and a morning melancholy.

The three musicians create a variety of colorful images with their creativity and their playful musical approach. It is remarkable how well the singer integrates into the sound of the group, making each band member an equal of the music. Together, they combine French chanson and jazz, occasionally enriched by oriental sounds.

In September 2009, the quartet won the first prize at the Berlin Jazz Awards. In May 2010, the quartet’s first album “Liban” was released on Mons Records, leading up to a Lebanese tour in the September of 2010, supported by the Goethe-Institute.

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